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One of the most iconic voices in Christian Music today, TaRanda returns to the forefront with a brand new DOVE AWARD WINNING project, The Healing. To capture the essence of TaRanda, you must embrace the word authentic. Her vocal abilities have been described as indescribable. Many have defined them as worshipful, soulful or inspirational. Stylistically versatile, her voice fits beautifully into the hearts of listeners of all ages. Her vocal authenticity has, for many years, garnered her a role as a featured guest soloist with the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. She has toured the world, taking command of stages from Europe to Carnegie Hall, and captivates all who are blessed to hear her. 

In a musical culture where everything bears a label, TaRanda takes a different approach. She selects songs which have lyrics that challenge and inspire. They are songs that joyfully encourage us to love the Creator more, with melodies that flow into ballads of worship and praise. Whether the songs were written forty years ago or four months ago is irrelevant to TaRanda. What is vital to her is the relevance of the lyrics that minister to the hearts of all who hear them. Because she loves her audience deeply and completely grasps how precious each moment is, she delivers so much more than her voice; she shares every ounce of her heart. To her audience and to herself, TaRanda is musically authentic. 

Like all of us, TaRanda is no stranger to heartbreak. In 2007, doctors discovered that her husband, Tony Greene, was in kidney failure. In 2009, TaRanda was cleared to donate one of her kidneys to him. Unfortunately, throughout the next year, Tony suffered numerous complications and, in September of 2010, he passed away. “Tony was my biggest encourager,” TaRanda shares. “Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I have ever had to face.” Staring in the face of uncertainty, TaRanda held to the realization that the next step in her life was one God had been preparing her to take for quite some time. “I have been very blessed over the years with amazing opportunities. The Lord has been faithful to walk through all of this with me. I look back on everything we faced, and I know it was a time of preparation for this new day. The very best way I can remember Tony is to do what I know he would want me to do. He always pushed me to sing, and with God’s help, that is what I have continued to do.” 

News that TaRanda would continue to tour as a solo artist came as a delight to those who had grown to love and admire her resilience and perseverance, as well as her God-given musical gift and anointed spirit. She has become a fan-favorite among audiences worldwide and is often seen on popular TV Networks, such as Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah and InTouch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley. She was also invited to appear before the United Nations for a special Christmas concert, where she thrilled representatives from around the world with her rousing rendition of “O Holy Night.” She achieved the historic honor of being the first female soloist to obtain a number one ranking on The Singing News Top 40 Radio Airplay Chart with her mega-hit, “Sky Full of Angels.” 

TaRanda now performs both as a soloist and a member of the award-winning Christian Music phenomenon, Cana's Voice. God always has an amazing way of exchanging beauty for ashes and bringing us through our darkest days into new seasons of joy. Today, TaRanda is married to Landon Beene, President of IMC Management and StowTown Records. They have blended their precious families and are a testament to the power of God’s love. TaRanda is more inspired than ever to share the restorative grace of our Savior with the world. 

When you experience TaRanda in concert and hear her extraordinarily powerful testimony, so much is revealed…grace, restoration and redemption. In those moments of ministry, TaRanda unashamedly relies on the Holy Spirit to work as only He can, knowing that lives can truly be transformed at the foot of the cross. We all desperately need more of His grace for every moment, and TaRanda's concerts point directly to the authenticity and the healing power of God’s unending love.

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