Hallelujah CD

Hallelujah CD

New recordings by major artists are released every month. But recordings, like this latest release by the The Greenes, only happen once in a lifetime, and yet it is bitter-sweet. Sweet, by way of how incredible the recording is. The Greenes have never released a recording of this magnitude. In fact, only a handful of artists have released something as amazing as this one. Bitter, by way of the irreplaceable loss of Tony Greene. This is an amazingly powerful recording which was completed just weeks before the untimely passing of Tony Greene. It features lyrically strong songs and wonderful vocals.  As Tony's final recording this is definitely a collector's item, exceptional on its own merits, but extra special under the circumstances.

1. Hallelujah
2. One Holy Lamb
3. How Big
4. Unseen Hand
5.Oh The Cross
6. Keep Coming Back To The Well
7. It Doesn't Matter Who You Are
8. God Is In This Place
9. We Love You Lord
10. Heaven In The House
11. I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked